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RitmoArt-Studio_bannerThe Association of Dance and Education “RITMO ART STUDIO” has been created by “Ritmo Latino” group in order to share and enjoy the Latin American culture. We invite you all to this fascinating trip throughout dances, languages and music instruments.

Dances: salsa, rueda de casino, kizomba, semba, merengue, bachata, cha cha cha, afrorumba, bolero, reggaeton, dancehall, twerk, capoeira, tango argentino, lindy hop, swing, flamenco, hip hop.

 Foreign languages: spanish, portuguese, russian.

 Seminars percussion musical instruments: congas, bongos, timbales, clave, maracas, guiro.

”. Cultural, entertaining radio show, the only one on the fm band of Thessaloniki – Greece that is related with the Latin American music. Transmission takes place every Saturday 6 – 8 in the afternoon from "Radio Thessaloniki 94,5".
 Ritmo Latino’s favorites are salsatimba and son from Cuba, mariachi from Mexico, cumbia from Colombia, ska from Jamaica, tango argentino, merengue and bachata from Santo Domingo, bomba and plena from Puerto Rico, samba, forro and axe from Brasil, flamenco from Spain and fados from Portugal, traditional songs of the Andes and afrolatino diamonds. The listener is called to participate in this trip of nostalgic melodies and rhythmical explosions. The show also includes news from Latin America, information about dance events and concerts in Greece, retro reports, internet connection with radio stations of Latin America, the latest kinds of music (la otra musica) and contests offering special gifts to the listeners. Assiduity - Presentation: Stamatis Christoforidis,  Kostas Panagiotidis.



Ritmo Art Studio

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Ritmo Latino radio broadcast show

 Transmission takes place every Saturday 6 – 8 in the afternoon   from "Radio Thessaloniki 94,5".


Ritmo Latino fiesta

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